We understand Real Estate Management in terms of the classic form of this scientific approach, offering our services as a capital investment consultant. Our activities are focused (subject to the stated perspectives of the investor) on management (planning, steering, control) of real estate portfolios intended for (return on) investment, in this way contributing to maximising the performance of our clients’ properties. Depending on the perspective, Pergus & Partners GmbH makes a distinction between Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Portfolio Management, the latter being based on systematic structuring aimed at the profitability of all real estate holdings (portfolios) of our clients.

Our range of services under the heading of Real Estate Management includes:

  • Inventory of real estate holdings
  • Analysis of investor’s/entrepreneur’s aims
  • Information management: compilation of important information concerning the intended location and the legal, financial and fiscal situation
  • Development and adjustment of strategy in close consultation with the investor/entrepreneur
  • (Dis-) Investment: decision-making concerning buying/selling
  • Analysis and evaluation of performance
  • Monitoring and reporting