If you want to have an accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of a project in South-Eastern Europe, then Pergus & Partners GmbH is for you.

The consultancy process provided by Pergus & Partners GmbH extends over all the services we offer. Consulting comprises integrated qualified advice to our clients in all their future investment projects. With the involvement of the client, all basic questions concerning the various aspects of the intended investment are clarified at the outset by Pergus & Partners GmbH, and optimal solution proposals are formulated to cover the technical, social, legal and commercial considerations.

The consultancy process at Pergus & Partners GmbH includes:

  • Target/actual analysis
  • Project analysis (financial viability and likelihood of success)
  • Analysis of markets, locations, utilisation, competition, risks
  • Concept development for individual properties or for an entire portfolio
  • Concept presentation
  • Decision-making jointly with the client
  • Management: status of goal achievement, measurement of success