Pergus & Partners GmbH sees itself as a project developer for innovative concepts in the context of the active development of ambitious real estate projects. As your partner, we plan and develop commercial, residential and industrial properties as well as special types of property (e.g. marinas, leisure and tourism facilities, facilities for the production of regenerative energies).

Project development consists of a number of interdisciplinary processes which are necessary in order for a property or properties to be developed or prepared for a special kind of use. The greatest possible importance is attached to the technical, legal and economic assessment of the factors 'location', 'capital' and 'project idea' in the context of each project development. In addition, we provide information as to whether the project is realisable within the given cost/quality/time framework.

The individual project development stages are summarised below

  • Project initiation: project idea, project description (situation, use, status, permits, areas, price structure), type of deal (asset/share deal), project calculation (costs, financing, total capital investment, equity requirement, rent income, gross return, key figures), project decision
  • Project design: Due Diligence, feasibility study (analysis of location, market, competition, property cycle, permit status, development potential), utilisation concept, risk assessment, viability calculation, drafting of financing application
  • Project realisation: project organisation (organisation of structure and workflows, contracts, requirements as to deadlines and costs), project planning (planning, permits, tender process, contract allocation), project execution (building construction, acceptance, permits for use, commissioning, handover to the user)