The term 'Due Diligence' originates from US transaction practice and is a general term used to describe the examination of a property with 'due diligence'. On the one hand, this involves an analysis instrument to evaluate the opportunities and risks associated with a transaction, and on the other hand, Due Diligence is aimed at a study of the legal, technical and economic characteristics of the property to be acquired.

Pergus & Partners GmbH, as a provider of consultancy services, coordinates and takes over all or part of the Due Diligence process. In addition, we are happy to advise you concerning the implementation and realisation of strategic aims, and to support you by providing analyses and calculations for determining the potential entrepreneurial value.

Our services can be summarised as:

  • Advice and support in preparing for purchase or sale in connection with projects
  • Preparation, procurement and completion of all necessary documents for carrying out a Due Diligence in accordance with international standards
  • Provision and organisation of a 'data room'
  • Devising and drawing up a Due Diligence requirements list (checklist)
  • Analysis and examination of projects in the spheres of law, finances, technology, market, taxes and environment
  • Drafting of a Due Diligence report (executive summary and detailed report)